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This is Antioch!

In one word, the Antioch Culture is LOVE.  Our church culture grows out of our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  Antioch has committed itself to nurturing a culture that sincerely expresses love for God through our worship, service, and lifestyle.  At the same time, we manifest a mutual love and respect for each member of our church family and our neighbors in the community.  It is not uncommon to warmly welcome our Antioch family members and guests with a hug. Antioch is a Christian congregation, and we unashamedly demonstrate our love for each other (I John 3:16-18). 

We know that in any family “life happens,” differences of opinion arise, and conflicts erupt.  When they do, it is our desire that we respond to these issues in love and in the power of God’s Spirit (I Peter 4:8).

At Antioch we value:

Sincere Worship

We passionately and sincerely worship God because he is worthy and is worth it. (John 4:24)

Biblical Authority

The Bible is our standard and we look to God’s inspired, inerrant word to direct us in all matters of belief and behavior.
(2 Tim. 3:16)

Soul Winning

Evangelism is the heart of the church and we strive to share Jesus with those who do not yet know him. (Mark 16:15)


Be yourself. (2 Cor. 1:12)


Jesus Christ was sensitive to others and took steps to alleviate pain and meet needs. Like our Savior, we look to show compassion to others by caring and helping. (Col. 3:12)


Time is a precious resource that we dare not squander. We start on time and work hard not to waste it. (1 Cor. 14:40)

Drama-Free Ministry

Serving should be a joy, not a disappointment. We are committed to preventing pettiness and dissension from gaining a foothold in our congregation. (Rom. 12:9)


All people matter to God, so all people matter to us. (Rev. 7:9)