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Our mission is to Magnify the Lord, Jesus Christ, and Multiply Disciples. 

We are committed to making disciples of all people, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, And teaching them to follow what Jesus Christ exemplified in His earthly mission.


Antioch is founded upon faith in a God who can do the impossible.  God has given us a vision of a preferable future for our congregation, where He is the center of our joy and our hope.  We can only imagine what God’s ultimate plan is for our congregation, but by His grace, this is what we see:

We see people of all ages, ethnicities, academic backgrounds, political persuasions, financial strata, and family structures joyfully worshipping Jesus Christ and serving one another in love.

We see families growing as disciples through bible study, prayer, and ministry in the church, and in the community. We envision families walking to church from across the street, while others drive or take Antioch shuttles to our gatherings. We see these families eagerly serving out of their depth of appreciation for God’s work in their lives and because of their commitment to our mission.

We see non-believers coming to Jesus as their Savior, unchurched believers reconnecting with the local body, and maturing believers engaging the broken and forgotten with the hope found in Jesus Christ.

We see our neighbors having legitimate needs met through the generosity of our church and the networks of compassion developed to facilitate acts of kindness within our community.

We see hundreds of churches planted and revitalized through the pastors and leaders birthed, trained, and sent from our congregation.  We also envision making more disciples through strategically located multisite campuses tailored to serve the host communities.

We see a congregation that expresses Christ’s compassion to a hurting world, by addressing the plight of the homeless, those suffering from mental illnesses, and those who have intellectual disabilities.


This is our VISION. Evangelize the Lost, Disciple the Saved, Serve the Lord!


Our general approach to fulfilling our mission and vision is to Go, Grow, Sow, and Overflow!

GO: Reach the Forgotten

Acts 11:20-21

We are convinced that we must share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone – especially those whom others overlook. We are striving to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as he leads us to reach those who feel neglected, abandoned, ostracized or simply… forgotten. We see it as our charge to Go and present the evidence of God’s love to them and to represent our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

GROW: Making & Multiplying Disciples

Acts 11:26
Anything that is alive should Grow. We believe that we must take steps to grow individually and as disciples of Jesus, which will enable our congregation to mature spiritually. Numerical growth is a natural byproduct of this effort, but we expect God to “grow us” in any and every way He chooses as we make disciples for Jesus Christ.

SOW: Training Pastors & Leaders

Acts 11:26
We are intentional about utilizing God’s resources to reinvest into the Kingdom. We take seriously the charge to prepare for ministry and we count it a privilege to help prepare those who will be leaders in the churches of today and tomorrow. We view the provision of practical ministry training as one unique ways we can Sow into the Kingdom of God to the glory of Jesus Christ.

OVERFLOW: Planting Churches That Multiply

Acts 11:22-24
Our congregation fully expects God to utilize our leaders in all aspects of church planting. In fact, we rejoice when God allows our ministry to Overflow and saturate other parts of our nation and world. Thus, we choose to replicate the core aspects of our ministry so that others might come to a saving relationship.